Working with boys and young men to help them break harmful habits so they can have a life where violence and abuse don’t fit

Michael Conroy discusses how to authentically engage boys and young men and help them critique the patriarchal cultural scripts that so constrain them, so that ultimately they can have a better life where violence and abuse don’t fit – for the benefit of all. Read More

We must stop promoting the idea that men have the right to sexual access to women & girls

Now that the grooming of girls to be sexual and ‘porn ready’ starts so young, the dominance of the ‘sex work is real work’ ideology is catastrophic, especially for girls and young women from the most marginalised communities. Read More

The mass grooming of girls and young women for the sex industry starts in earliest childhood and ends with the monetisation of young women themselves

The dangers of Onlyfans and ‘sugar dating’ and how young women are groomed and lured into these newer and emerging forms of prostitution and pornography. Read More