‘Decriminalisation of the sex trade vs. the Nordic Model: What you need to know’ booklet

This 32-page A5-sized booklet sets out the pros and cons of full decriminalisation of the sex trade (full decrim) vs. the Nordic Model. It explains in simple terms the key features of both approaches, along with information about the results of the Nordic Model in Sweden, of full decrim in New Zealand, and of legalisation in Germany, which is very similar to full decrim in practice. There are quotes from women who have lived experience of prostitution under these different systems, data, photos, and artwork.


  • Prostitution is unequal
  • “Sex work” a normal job? Really?
  • What does ‘decriminalisation’ mean?
  • What does the Nordic Model mean?
  • Comparison of the two approaches
  • What happened in New Zealand?
  • A New Zealand survivor speaks out
  • Why we must look at Germany
  • A German survivor speaks out
  • What happened in Sweden?
  • A Swedish survivor speaks out
  • What do the numbers tell us?
  • Health & safety
  • What does the homicide data tell us?
  • Rampant racism
  • A British survivor speaks out
  • But… But… What about?
  • Survivors speak out

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