Are you as sick of all the ‘Happy Hooker’ myths as we are? Would you like to help us gather real experiences of the sex trade? Would you like a chance to help put the record straight, to counteract the myths and explain the truth, to say #MeToo, and #TimesUp for the sex industry?

Maybe you’ve had direct experience – currently or in the past – of sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation (CSE), prostitution, lap dancing, pornography, or webcamming.

Or perhaps you’ve been affected in other ways. Have you been kerb crawled on your way home, or harassed by men trying to buy you for sex? Maybe you live near a brothel, lap dancing club, or “red light district”, or your partner turned out to be a punter.

You can use the form below to share your experiences, or if you prefer, you can email your story directly to (or message us on social media). You can write as much or as little as you like. You can use your own name or a pseudonym or be completely anonymous.

We may quote your story on this website or in future articles, submissions or publications. We will do this anonymously unless you enter a name, and then we will use only the first name given. We respect how difficult it can be to disclose, so do not enter a name in the form if you want to be anonymous.

We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure this website’s security. If posting here might put you at risk, please put your safety first and don’t post.

Thank you

In order to protect anonymity, the form on this page deliberately collects no contact information. This means that we are not able to write to thank you personally for your contribution.

But please know that we are deeply grateful to every single one of you who shares your story. Each story is important, moving and powerful, and represents an act of individual courage and resistance. Together they represent part of the collective struggle that is required to bring about change.

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