The Short Nordic Model Now! Slideshow

A couple of years ago we published a fully scripted presentation that provides a comprehensive introduction to the realities of prostitution and the harm it causes, and the common policy and legislative approaches. However, at an hour long, it is not suitable for events with short time slots.

We are therefore now providing a shorter presentation that gives a brief summary of the impacts of prostitution, showing that it is part of a wider systemic problem, and that the Nordic Model approach provides a systemic solution – unlike full decriminalisation of the sex trade, which exacerbates the very problems that we need to solve.

You can download the slideshow and present it yourself to local women’s, community, political, social, church, and similar groups. Alternatively, if you would like us to come and present it and do a Q&A afterwards, please contact us.

About the slideshow

It takes approximately 30 minutes to run through the presentation without a break. You can optionally modify it – for example, to reflect local realities or to tailor it to a particular audience. However, we ask that you retain the last slide, which gives details of our website and social media accounts.

The slideshow is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, but a PDF version is also available for those who do not have access to PowerPoint. The full script (with references) is available in Word and PDF formats, and this can also serve as a handout for participants.

The contents of the slideshow are available as a web page: Prostitution: What are the problems and how do we solve them?


We recommend you run through the script several times before doing the presentation, so you are familiar with it. Follow the links to the studies quoted and the background information to prepare for any questions that may follow.

Handouts and references

Please remember to tell the audience that they can download the handout PDF from our website and that this includes references to all the studies mentioned and further reading on the topics covered. Preferably do this after you have done the presentation, to avoid people looking stuff up on their mobile devices during the presentation and thereby diluting its emotional impact.

You may want to consider preparing an A4 or A5 handout with suggestions for what people can do to help the campaign.



Please let us know how it went. Consider taking a photo of the event and sending it to us so we can share it on social media. Please send us suggestions about how we could improve the slideshow.

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