Second edition of the Nordic Model Now! Handbook for Universities released!

We are thrilled to release the second edition of our popular Handbook for Universities.

The new edition reflects recent changes in student funding, in the OnlyFans ‘referral’ option, and to the law in England and Wales that makes non-fatal strangulation and suffocation a criminal offence.

We’ve clarified a few things and added a section on ‘sex for rent’ in the chapter on the realities of the sex industry, and two additional points to our recommendations for university policy: namely to suggest that universities should not allow any promotion of the sex industry on campus, and the provision of specialist prevention programmes for the most marginalised students.

Where can I get it?

You can download a PDF version for free or buy a printed copy of the handbook (shipping to UK addresses only). Printed copies are £15 including post and packing, or £5 for students using the discount code: student-02.

Further information

For more information about the handbook, including a breakdown of the chapters, see The Nordic Model Now! Handbook for Universities.

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