An evening with Suzzan Blac

This post provides access to audio and video recordings of our ‘An evening with Suzzan Blac’ webinar that was held on 14 July 2021. We plan to release a transcript of the webinar. We’ll add a link here once it is available.

Suzzan Blac is a contemporary English artist who uses her own traumatic experience of child sexual abuse, rape, pornography and prostitution to create artworks that expose the ugly and violent truth about the porn industry and prostitution. In this webinar, Suzzan presented and discussed some of her very powerful artwork and her ground-breaking research into the porn industry and its victims.

“I wanted to paint the story of my abuse, because I was hoping to aid my own recovery. I felt this constant pain, anger and ‘madness’ inside my head and I needed to transfer it into something real and tangible. Something that I could look at, analyse and process from a different perspective.”

Suzzan was in conversation with Ygerne Price-Davies who recently graduated from a master’s degree at Goldsmiths University in Visual Anthropology, where she made an experimental documentary film about trauma and prostitution.



Duration: 1.47.04 minutes | File size: 79 MB | Play in new window (with option to download file)

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