PODCAST: Surrogacy at the crossroads: The lure of commercial baby farming

In this podcast, Anna Fisher provides a feminist critique of surrogacy and a brief overview of the proposals that the UK Law Commission put forward in its public consultation last year and the grave concerns they throw up – including that the UK will become the commercial baby farming centre of western Europe.

Anna is the current chair of Nordic Model Now! and last year led the group’s project to provide template responses to the Law Commission’s surrogacy consultation with the aim of making it easier for people who were concerned to respond.

Duration: 46.36 minutes | File size: 43.7 MB | Play in new window (with option to download file)

Prefer to read?

A transcript of this podcast is available: Surrogacy at the crossroads: The lure of commercial baby farming.

Want to find out more?

Watch the recordings of the webinar we held on Sunday 6 September 2020.

What’s wrong with surrogacy? And should we be worried about the Law Commission’s proposals for commercial-style surrogacy in the UK?

Recordings and transcripts >>

Many thanks to Elizabeth Purslow whose research uncovered some of the information included in this podcast.

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