PODCAST: What’s the problem with sex dolls? A conversation with Kathleen Richardson

We caught up with Professor Kathleen Richardson, the founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots, to talk about our culture’s increasing obsession with sex dolls and what this means for women, and human relationships.

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Petition Against Sex Robots

Please consider adding your name to the petition that Kathleen has organised against sex robots.

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: What’s the problem with sex dolls? A conversation with Kathleen Richardson

  1. What would you say to the 70,000,000 Chinese and Indian men who will NEVER have a wife because there aren’t enough women in their countries? Can’t they have a sex robot and/or companion robot?

    1. This is a chicken and egg situation. The reason there are millions more men than women in China and India is because of very high rates of sex-selective abortion of female foetuses and female infanticide. And this is an expression of extreme sex inequality and the extreme undervaluing of women and girls. As Kathleen Richardson explains so well, the sexual exploitation industry and sex dolls/robots are key mechanisms through which sex inequality and the positioning of women and girls as of lesser value are maintained – leading to more female infanticide and selective abortions.

    2. So for your the solution for this dilemma is that these lonely men should engage in a relationship with a doll ?? In that case, they are for sure mentally disturbed. Or should they just have ”sex’ with the doll, with no emotional connection ? In that case, they are just masturbating with the doll, in which case the doll is still not resolving our dilemma here, unless you see a woman as a masturbation tool, and in that case, you are proving the professor’s point.

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