PODCAST: Anna talks about being groomed into prostitution and her subsequent 11 years in the sex trade

Trixie from Nordic Model Now! talks with Anna, who was groomed into prostitution when she was a teenager in 1989 and then continued in that life on the streets of Leeds in the North of England for the next 11 years .

Her story shows the insidious nature of the grooming process, and the increasing use of violence and coercive control by her pimp, who was also her partner and the father to her three children. Anna speaks about the punters who paid for sex, the other women she was prostituted with, the connections with the local lap dancing club, and the long-term effects ‘the life’ has had on herself and her children.  Her story is harrowing and contains descriptions of violence and abuse that you may find disturbing. 

“You are selling a piece of yourself. It’s not just a vagina – it’s a piece of your heart and a piece of your soul that is going every time you get paid for something… So was it worth it? No.”

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Note: For an edited transcript of this podcast, see Anna’s Story.

Why, Why, Why?

This is one of the poems that Anna wrote around the time she was exiting prostitution.

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