Statement of support for Heather Brunskell-Evans

There is a long history of women who speak out on behalf of vulnerable girls and women being harassed and silenced. We are disappointed that the Women’s Equality Party has seen fit to censure Heather Brunskell-Evans for expressing concern that adolescent girls are being fast-tracked into life-changing treatments and surgery that cause sterility and which some are likely to grow up to regret.

We are proud that Heather is a member of Nordic Model Now! and has been since its inception two years ago. She has spoken for the Nordic Model and for exploited women and girls on numerous occasions, touching people’s hearts and minds and helping them to see the harms that prostitution causes.

Heather is a passionate and caring campaigner against male violence against women and children, and for the rights of women and children. We stand in solidarity beside her and we call for an end to the silencing of women who express views that challenge mainstream thought and dogma.

2 thoughts on “Statement of support for Heather Brunskell-Evans

  1. This is horrific.
    If a young woman asks to be sterilised, because she never wants children, that will be refused on the grounds that she may change her mind.
    If she asks to be rendered sterile, because she believes she is a man, that is done asap.

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