The Nordic Model Now! Slideshow

The Nordic Model Now! slideshow is a fully scripted presentation designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the realities of prostitution. It takes about an hour and it systematically covers the gendered nature of  prostitution and its inherent racism, how women get into it, how it affects those within it, what it does to punters and the wider community, and the interconnections with colonialism, sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. The second half goes on to cover common policy and legislative approaches: Health and Safety, harm reduction, legalisation, full decriminalisation, the tactics of the sex trade lobby, and the Nordic Model and how it has worked in practice in Sweden.

You can download the slideshow and present it yourself to your local women’s, community, political, social, church, and similar groups. Alternatively, if you would like us to come and present it and do a Q&A afterwards, please contact us.


Slideshow with script and references (PowerPoint)
Handout (PDF)

This includes the slides, the full script, and links to studies quoted and background reading.

Notes for presenters (PDF)
Slides only (PDF)

5 July 2017: The content of the slideshow is now also available in these two linked articles. You might find these easier to view, particularly on a mobile phone.

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  1. Thank-you so much for sharing this resource. I’ve circulated among Manitoba women’s shelters and our small town resource agencies

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