Roslyn Hamilton

Whether on a street corner approaching men in cars, or being on call attending men’s homes/hotel rooms, there is no scenario in which a punter is safe to be with.

Just because he doesn’t beat you to a pulp doesn’t mean he is less of a threat.

There is an immediate power imbalance as is with all situations where money is concerned. He is in control at all times. []

I had variations of evil and violent. There were those men who behaved or acted more decent by not beating me up (I was always relieved and grateful) and these men were less of a concern.

Though still a concern, other men were into kinks which altered the power dynamic again, always adding an extra layer of fear and uncomfortable to the equation but I had no real choice so I did what every woman does, try to make it as easy as possible.

Then there are those men who are as evil as they come and they don’t hide their need and desire to cause as much pain as possible.

Again, money entraps us further and there is no way out. He makes it last, enjoying every expression of pain, fear and humiliation and in the back of my mind I was always aware that I was an inch from death and sometimes hoping for the end result.

I died inside a little more every man I was told to make happy.

The smile was fake and desperate.

Whether I was stood in the freezing cold outside or trapped in a man’s house with all his mates, or in a hotel room/brothel, it was all the same.

The brothel line ups were the most fearful. They took a long time walking up and down touching us and we were expected to appear with a smile and seduce them into picking us.

When all I wanted to do was scream.

Some of us were exhausted and very young so we took it in turns to distract punters’ attention to give each other a break but it was too small a gesture.

The madam couldn’t care less, one bad report and we were done for.

Your ‘choice’ theory doesn’t sit with reality of the industry.

It’s rubbish to suggest only current prostitutes, and ‘happy’ ones at that, can speak.

Anyone who knows this industry and its threat to women can and should speak.

Whether academic or experience, it is all factual evidence of the need for critical analysis and less falsehoods.

The last time I saw my pimp after I’d got out, he had to have the last word. The last ounce of control. Take the last possibility of esteem from me.

He looked me up and down and told me he’d not make anything from me and am worth nothing. He looked at me with utter disgust…

It’s all about porn. It’s all about a male idea of how you should look. How a female should behave and speak.

He took me to a dark place of no man’s land.

Having no belonging, that even he didn’t want me buried deep.

Legalised ‘safe zones’ have an impact on local people especially children. Men WILL approach children while looking for prostitutes. This opens the gate for trafficking and grooming. It goes hand in hand with child abuse and CSE (child sexual exploitation).

Stop decrim.*

* Full decriminalisation of the sex trade, including pimps, brothel keepers, and punters.

This page first published: 10 June 2018.

Roslyn Hamilton