‘I have epilepsy. Punters would shag me when I was fitting.’

These powerful and moving pieces were sent in through our Share Your Story page, which provides a space for women to tell of their experiences of the sex trade in their own words.


I was forced into prostitution by my partner – I funded his drink habit.

I have epilepsy and would frequently fit – that made him more money. Punters would shag me when I was fitting.

In that time, I was beaten, forced to “work” for his friends, subjected to FGM, and violated with stuff from coat hangers to lightbulbs. I was filmed and don’t yet to this day know how I got out alive – but I did – myself.

I’m in my fifties now but that time in my life never leaves me. I have no self-esteem and feel I have no right to the life I have worked hard for. I now have fantastic friends and through hard graft I don’t think I could have a better life. But I’m haunted which rips me of what little confidence I have.

Surely something can be done so other girls don’t have to live like that?

I’m blessed I survived, but I am still living that nightmare.


I started sex work when I was 22. I was still very young and naive. I didn’t know it then but I was suffering from CPTSD as a result of a very traumatic childhood.

I did sex work in order to get away from where I lived. At first it felt great. I started off charging £100 per hour and to receive £100 per hour (more than I made in my day job) cash in hand felt amazing. I felt free.

Then I got raped.

I naively agreed to a car meet as I was very new to the industry. This big heavy-set man pushed himself on top of me and put his penis inside of me whilst I begged him to stop. I was crying, saying please, please get off of me. When a knock came at the window, he did. But we were in a rural area and I needed a lift home. He convinced me to blow him off, and I obliged, scared for my life. He eventually gave me a significantly reduced sum of money.

At first, I thought it was a blip.

Then I had a client not long after who purposely ripped the condom in doggy style. He had warts all over his cock so I told him I wouldn’t be able to suck him off without a condom. After he left, I checked his feedback and realised he had been seeing women who offered bareback sex. Devastated, I went to the clinic the next day. I was put on Prep and had to endure a month of torture. Just sitting on my own, depressed, barely leaving the house.

Not long after, I continued.

I felt crushed, I had no sense of self-worth.

I continued with no incidents until 2020.

Lock down happened.

After taking a break I realised that not only am I better than this, any woman is better than this.

The thought of strangers groping me now, essentially paying to use my holes as a self-masturbation tool makes me feel sick.

I realised during lockdown that these men never cared about me, and that they never will. That they literally don’t even see me as a person. That they see me as an object.

I regret having ever entered the industry. And I don’t think any woman should ever enter the industry. It is a truly sick and disturbing industry.

No, sex work is not work.

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