‘Sex buyers, pimps and traffickers are delusional, narcissistic murderers of innocence’

A woman who wants to remain anonymous sent this powerful piece about her experiences in, and understanding of, prostitution through our Share Your Story page. This provides a space for women to tell of their experiences of the sex trade in their own words.

Sex buyers, pimps and traffickers are delusional, narcissistic murderers of innocence that malevolently groom, then prey upon, people who are often victims of child molestation and sexual assault. These vulnerable people also tend to struggle with substance abuse, mental illness and most of all, financial insecurity.

When a sex buyer pays for sex (i.e. rape by capitalism) they murder the spirit of someone that is often scared, alone and defenceless.

As a survivor of the sex “industry,” I now can see these predators for who they truly are: sick people who are even more twisted than serial killers, for even though the spirit of their victim has died, their body lives on in a hell undeserved by even the most deranged person, and relives the nightmare of simply existing every single day.

How horrifying to read outlets like Teen Vogue and VICE that market the idea of “good sex buyers” and “empowered whores.”

Most supporters of legalizing sex work are sex buyers, politicians (clients), or most recently, and perhaps most ironically, privileged offspring of famous or wealthy people who have never been in the financial position of being forced into a situation where they are sexually assaulted by someone that they have zero romantic interest in, simply to survive.

To those of us who identify as survivors of this brutally heartless industry, it is easy to see that their only true wish is to further expand their imperialist fantasies while pretending to be on the right side of history so the sane people of earth don’t rise against them and demand they share their deranged wealth.

How shocking and disgusting it felt to recently see so called feminist celebrity Ilana Glazer while interviewing another recklessly privileged wealthy woman, Zoe Kravitz, regurgitate mindless, depraved phrases like “sex work is real work” and “prostitution is the oldest job on the planet.”

A very small minority of sex workers who are generally white and privileged may want full decriminalization. However, the vast majority of “sex workers” are in it involuntarily and are also generally femme identifying people of colour who are struggling to provide themselves with the very basics of survival.

How atrociously cruel and misguided it is for a wealthy person to advocate for more sex work instead of giving up some of their wealth to ensure that victims of the sex industry have safe housing and food to eat. Instead, they choose to contribute to the conversation by calling for the normalizing of a predator’s access to victims by making it easier for sex buyers to continue their slaughter of the soul by decriminalizing sex work altogether.

Surely, the only one being helped in this situation is their own ignorant ego.

“Prostitution is the oldest job on the planet.” What a pitiful, brainwashing and absolutely untrue statement that helps privileged people, like Ilana, an alumni of NYU, one is the most expensive universities on the planet who makes a living ostentatiously pretending to be a struggling young woman while raking in millions of dollars and living in comfort with her husband, wash their hands of their responsibility to actually be helpful to those in a less secure financial situation.

Prostitution is not a job.

It is a death sentence for joy.

Prostitution may be, possibly, the oldest form of exploitation and degradation of people on this planet… but even that statement isn’t rooted in reality.

Oldest job on the planet?

Try basket weaving.

Or herbalism.

Or hunting.

Or singing.

Or nothing, for that matter.

Jobs only exist under capitalism.

Gifting economies and most indigenous languages don’t have a word for prostitution. Because it doesn’t exist in an egalitarian society and the myth of the “sacred prostitute” has been largely debunked.

Prostitution is largely not native to the natural world and certainly is not an empowering form of reciprocity which is why it is denounced by the Zapatistas and many other indigenous groups.

Prostitution is a product of the delusional colonial imperialist male supremacist construct and it makes exploiters of us all.

It is only under capitalism that the social disease of prostitution has flourished at the expense of the most vulnerable people.

Life is a gift.

Not a commodity.

What is the answer?

Make it a $1,000,000 fine to be caught paying for sex and register the buyer as a sex offender.

Make it a $1,000,000 dollar fine to promote the lie of the “happy sex worker.”

If that person can’t pay, the wealthiest people in society will foot the bill.

Use that money to provide adequate support for people stuck in prostitution.

In fact, why not give every cent of each fine to any prostitute that asks for help so that they can move on with their lives, reclaim their own body and begin to heal.

Perhaps the wealthy individuals who advocate for sex work to be seen as real work should invite actual survivors of the sex industry to live in their fancy home and watch them go through the agonizing and brave work of unravelling the trauma that has snowballed over their years and even decades of rape for rent and emotional anguish at the hand of capitalism.

Listen to their experiences of being assaulted in strip clubs, of being molested by their own fathers, of giving blow jobs to strangers without a condom for $50 more.

Then apologize.

But not with your words.

With your actions.

Don’t just say sorry.

Be sorry.

Feel sorry.

And don’t cry.

This isn’t about you.

Still think sex work is work?

Close your mouth.

Open your wallet.

Stay out of my way.

Share your story

If you’ve been in the sex trade, or have been affected by it in other less direct ways, and would like to share your story anonymously, please see our Share Your Story page.

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  1. This article is ridiculous. Imagine saying that “people who buy drugs should be criminalized but those who sell drugs are the victims.” Absolute foolishness.

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