New ‘What is the Nordic Model?’ flyers

We have just received the first batch of our new ‘What is the Nordic Model?’ flyers / leaflets / pamphlets. They are similar to our previous ones but they’ve had a bit of a redesign. They are printed on A4 paper folded over, making four sides of A5. Below we provide references for the information shown.

If you live in the UK and would like some flyers to give out in your local community and political groups, you can get some in our shop.

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What is the Nordic Model?

For a deeper discussion of the Nordic Model approach, how it first came about in Sweden, and it’s aims, see What is the Nordic Model?

Prostitution is unequal

Punters – all of the statistics and, with one exception, the quotes on the Punters side are from the 2009 Men who buy sex report called by Eaves. The exception is the penultimate quote, which comes from punternet.

Prostituted women – the statistics are from Melissa Farley’s article, Prostitution is sexual violence.

The references for the quotes are as follows:

  • Spoken contribution from a prostitution survivor at Nottingham Women’s Conference 2013
  • Woman interviewed in Melissa Farley, 2007, Legal Brothel Prostitution in Nevada. In M. Farley (Ed.), Prostitution & Trafficking in Nevada: Prostitution Research & Education.
  • Survivor quoted on Demand Change website.
  • Aboriginal Women’s Action Network speaker at the One is Too Many Summit, Vancouver, 2009.

Pimping women and girls

Approximate hourly earnings:

There is no education…” quote: Debra Boyer, 2008, Who Pays the Price? Assessment of Youth Involvement in Prostitution in Seattle, Seattle: Human Services Department

A pimp is someone…” quote: Indoctrinated: The Grooming of our Children into Prostitution

Key trafficking facts:

Most women in prostitution have a pimp.

“The good intention…” quote: Has Legalized Prostitution Turned Germany’s Government Into A *Pimp*?

Why the Nordic Model?

Equality between the sexes is not possible while men can buy sexual access to women and girls.

Prostitution is incompatible with human rights.

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