The problem with sex doll brothels

By Chelsea Geddes

Many people who promote and support the sex industry insist that sex doll brothels are a good thing and they will not affect women involved in prostitution. In this short article, Chelsea, who has had many years’ experience in the legal brothels in New Zealand, responds to a piece promoting this viewpoint. She explains why it is mistaken and that in fact sex doll brothels spell disaster for prostituted women.

“The idea that sex dolls will cause men to dehumanize women more than they already would isn’t an idea that should resonate with anyone who supports sex workers. These brothels are offering a very specific service, they’re renting a piece of equipment that is out of reach to most people, a piece of equipment comparable in price to a brand new economy car. There are certainly men who want that experience, and to them I would say, ‘Go for it.’” – Hailey Heartless

‘Hailey Heartless’ here is having a whinge about the anxieties ‘sex workers’ have over sex doll brothels – characterising our perspective with themes of jealousy, rejection, and loss of income.

The biggest anxiety actual prostituted women, who have a grasp on reality and radical feminism, have over sex doll brothels is that now the men active on the sex industry scene are training their abusive behaviours on literal machines that cannot suffer and cannot even attempt to say “No” to Any. Thing. At. All.

Men getting used to it, feeling entitled to it, wanting it from the real thing now, coming back and forth between the two and pitching competition angles for his money to us the same way they do when some prostituted women are more financially desperate than others.

Our anxiety is that our 40 times more likelihood of being murdered will shoot up to 50 times or 70 times that of other women – I haven’t got the maths credentials to calculate it.

Will anyone listen to us? No of course not, not when they have a literal sadist speaking on our behalf, reflecting the male agenda right back to them with nothing uncomfortable to confront.

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