Model CLP motion in support of the Nordic Model

In response to a number of requests, this page provides a model motion calling for support for the Nordic Model. It is suitable for bringing to your local Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Although designed for use in the Labour Party, you could adapt it for use in a trade union or other organisation. There is also a briefing paper packed full of facts and information you can use to back up the motion and/or include in any speech you give in support of the motion.

Download the Model Motion for Labour CLPs (Word .doc format)

Download Nordic Model Briefing Paper for Labour CLPs (PDF)


  • Battersea Labour Party has a useful guide, called How does it all work? which includes information about submitting a motion.
  • The Nordic Model Now! slideshow is a fully scripted one-hour presentation that you might want to consider using as the basis of a talk to your local group.
  • Please contact us if you would like some of our excellent flyers to distribute.

Text of the model motion

Title: Support the Nordic Model

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

[insert name] Constituency Labour Party notes:

  • That the current law in England, Wales and Scotland makes it a criminal offence to solicit in a public place, to kerb crawl, to own or manage a brothel or to pimp or pander. It is also an offence in England and Wales to pay for sexual acts with anyone who has been subjected to force.  However, these laws are not always enforced and, despite the fact that the law appears to protect the prostituted, the weight of these laws often falls on prostituted people rather than those prostituting them. This means prostituted people, and especially women, are criminalised for their involvement in the sex trade while those, usually men, who profit from or use them are not penalised.  In addition, ‘subjected to force’ is not used effectively to identify prostituted people who are coerced or turn to the sex-trade in desperation (as a result of poverty or substance dependencies, for example).
  • That Norway, Sweden, Iceland, France, Northern Ireland and Ireland all now have laws which decriminalise the prostituted and criminalise sex buyers.

[insert name] Constituency Labour Party believes:

  • That prostitution is not a job like any other and cannot be effectively managed to be safe as it is inherently a form of violence and the only way to properly protect prostituted people is to decriminalise them while criminalising those who exploit them.
  • That those being prostituted and within the sex-trade should be offered high quality support services to allow them to exit should they wish to.
  • That the Nordic Model (or Sex Buyer Law) is the most effective method of addressing the harm caused by prostitution, of changing behaviours around the sex-trade and thus creating new social norms which allow for greater equality between the sexes.

[insert name] Constituency Labour Party resolves to:

  • Support the Nordic Model Now! campaign.
  • Work with other CLPs, trade unions and organisations which also support the Nordic Model to campaign for Labour Party policy that supports the Nordic Model.
  • To submit or support pro-Nordic Model motions at National and Regional Conferences and to speak and vote against motions which promote full decriminalisation (whereby buyers and pimps are not criminalised).



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