Press release: Vaz stepdown not enough; disgraced inquiry must GO

PRESS: For Immediate  Release

Campaign group Nordic Model Now! (NMN) welcomes the resignation of Home Affairs Select Committee chair Keith Vaz MP. But they say that his sex buying has discredited the committee’s Prostitution Inquiry findings and they will be protesting in Westminster later today to call for it to be scrapped.

Former prostitute, Alice Glass, says: “The objectivity of the report has been roundly called into question, not least because – as myself and others noted [i] at the time – the Nordic Model and the research in its favour was so blithely dismissed. Not to mention the testimonies of other former prostitutes.”

NMN demands that the inquiry be reconvened under a strict ethical framework incorporating:

  1. AT LEAST 50% of the committee members must be female.
  2. A declaration regarding history of sex buying must be made by all members

Nordic Model Now! is a grassroots group campaigning for the Nordic Model approach, as demonstrated in Sweden. This decriminalises those who are prostituted, provides services to help them exit, and makes buying sex, pimping and brothel keeping a criminal offence, in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking.

PROTEST: 5-7PM, Tuesday 6th September 2016,

Place:  Near the Boadicea statue on the river side of Victoria Embankment, opposite Portcullis House (site of the  HASC meetings)

Ellen Grogan for Nordic Model Now!


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