Flyers about the UK Law Commission’s Surrogacy Consultation

Weve had some flyers printed to raise awareness about the important consultation that the UK and Scottish Law Commissioners are currently running about proposed new surrogacy legislation that aims to encourage surrogacy in the UK. The proposals include paying women substantial fees to rent their wombs, allowing commercially driven surrogacy agencies, removing all restrictions on advertising surrogacy services, allowing commissioning parents to gain legal parenthood at the moment of birth, no welfare checks, no age restrictions, and no limit to how many such pregnancies women can undertake.

Some of these proposals violate binding legal obligations under human rights conventions and we believe that if implemented, they will be a catastrophe for women and children.

Download a PDF version of the flyers

If you would like some flyers to give out in your local community and political groups, do get in touch. We simply ask for a donation of £2 per 100 flyers, plus the cost of packing and postage.

We hope that the flyers will raise awareness of the consultation and encourage people to respond objecting to the proposals. They include QR Codes that take you to two articles on this website which provide an overview of the proposals and an easy way of responding:

Say NO to: Babies as commodities; women as production lines; a feeding chain of lawyers and agencies; birth mothers stripped of legal recognition; no welfare checks; no age limits; Facebook presenting ads to young women suggesting becoming a ‘surrogate’ would be the solution to their financial worries; and  more…

The deadline is 11 October 2019.

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