A call to Unison to support the Nordic Model

Audio recording of a private webinar we hosted for a group of Unison women when Unison’s prostitution policy was up for discussion.


Duration: 33.05 minutes | File size: 22.8 MB | Play in new window (with option to download file).


For a transcript of Rebecca’s talk, see As a sex trade survivor, I believe the Nordic Model framework is the way forward, rather than the New Zealand model.


Sophie Sherratt: Sophie is an anti-violence, socialist feminist who campaigns for an equal distribution of wealth, power and resources for all oppressed groups. In our current socio-economic climate of punitive austerity measures, a threadbare welfare state and inhumane and discriminatory immigration laws, she cannot – and will not – accept the sex industry as a viable means of “alternative welfare” for the poor or an accepted survival method for any individual or group of people. Instead, we should be resisting and fighting back against the patriarchal, racist and capitalist systems which continue to perpetuate the ideology that being subjected to the sex industry “is just like any other job”.

Rebecca. Rebecca is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation, and believes strongly that a society in which sexual consent can be commodified is one which fails us all.

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