Ask your MP to support the Nordic Model 


Prostitution is becoming increasingly normalised, the pimping and sex trafficking of children and young women are rife, and vulnerable women and children are suffering in prostitution. We need the Nordic Model (or the Sex Buyer Law, as it is sometimes called) to reduce the demand that drives it all and to provide services and support to help those who are prostituted to build a new life outside.  We need our representatives to understand how strongly we feel about this.

The End Demand website has a prepared letter that you can send to your MP. You can send it as it is or edit it to reflect your own ideas and understanding. It only takes a couple of minutes. You simply enter your postcode into a box and click the Find your MP button. A form will then appear with the letter, and space to fill in your name and address.

Go to the End Demand website to write to your MP.

Please also consider visiting your MP in person to tell them how important this is to you. If you know someone else who lives in the same constituency and feels the same way , consider going together. For information about visiting your MP, see Contact your MP.

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